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Please enable the removal of decimal places on scoring

For some reason, decimal places have been added by default when you set up "Scores" under "Number Options". This is a non-standard question-scoring format. Whole numbers should be the default. Adding decimals should be an added option. I would like to request that this bug please be fixed, as I am unable to send this out to do user testing until I can remove the decimals because, not only does it look bizarre, but it is confusing for users when they read this. Once this is corrected I will pay for the upgrade to Pro, as this is important for the questionnaires my company needs to send out for user testing feedback. We wanted to use Notion forms to update our user feedback scoring tables in Notion.

Philip About 2 months ago


🐞 Bug

Download all Attachment in zip or unzipped folder

missing Download all Attachment in zip or unzipped folder 1) Below is the submissions area image from your website home page on how data collected  is displayed .Which  is much better than it is in reality. Below  is how it is in reality.Looks like you modified it but made it much worse.Like that it is impossible to read the info especially long text.Data visualisation should be displayed like the real form where the user fills the data!This is why also  pdf export is so critical,but still missing!2)Is missing the ” download all attachments at once in a folder” feature/button/optionLike now is a bad UX as it is too frustrating and time consuming to download multiple attachments  one by one, especially photos.3)To make things worse I also found that the download process changes the photos/file name.could you please make it so that the downloaded attachments  keep the original name?As of now  when  I right click and download the file attached, the original file name gets changed and I have to painfully  rewrite it to delete the added garbage.  Original file  is        3-beach.jpegDownloaded file is 3-beach_ef5610a2-5997-49e7-8acd-9945697e5f76.jpegSo  frustrating and time consuming downloading and renaming  hundreds files a day makes it a nightmare  as 1 simple click should download all the files attached inside a single  zipped or  unzipped  folder  and the original name of  all the files should be kept intact.In short the streamlined and  time-saving  workflows should be that if I receive even 100 attachment I should be able to:- click 1 button to download them all at once on a zipped or unzipped folder - visualise data in the submission area the same as the form looks online- export the form as a pdf  for  better reading,data extrapolation and manipulation.Are you going to fix those issues?If you are true to your words you must!  as you pointed out ….Your motivation is: No more complicated, time-consuming form builders!And streamlining workflow!best!

franco 3 months ago

💡 Feature Request


Create advanced booking forms

If I want to create a form to – for example – manage hotel bookings or manage hairdresser's appointments, I need the form to:1) Allow two-way communicate with a database (e.g. Google Sheets is fine for starters) to see if the selected dates or timeframes are available (and if so, the price of those dates or timeframes).2) Have advanced conditional logic to dynamically recommend rooms or room combinations based on the number of guests for hotels (or at least: have conditional logic in place to make sure they're not overbooking – which still means enhancing your conditional logic values).3) Have the option to open a small gallery and/or text field directly below each individual checkbox item automatically (when checkbox is checked) or manually, to provide more information about what they're booking. Now, hotels and hairdressers might seem too specific at first. But these fundamental features would actually be incredibly useful in a wide range of other use-cases too.

Vikingfinity 3 months ago


💡 Feature Request