Repeating Section/Fields

I would like to propose an enhancement to the repeating section/field functionality to further improve the user experience and expand the capabilities of the feature. Here are some compelling ideas for consideration:

  • Dynamic Field Types: Introduce the ability to have dynamic field types within the repeating section. This would allow users to add various types of fields such as checkboxes, file uploads, and radio buttons dynamically as needed, providing more versatility in form creation.

  • Conditional Logic: Incorporate conditional logic within the repeating section to show or hide specific fields based on user input. This would streamline the form-filling process and make it more user-friendly for respondents.

  • Aggregate Calculations: Enable the option to perform aggregate calculations within the repeating section, such as summing up values across multiple instances or calculating averages. This would be particularly useful for forms requiring numerical data input.

  • Custom Styling Options: Provide users with the ability to customize the appearance of the repeating section, including colors, borders, and spacing. This would allow for better integration with different form designs and branding requirements.

  • Export Enhancements: Improve the export functionality of repeating data by enabling users to choose specific fields to export or customize the formatting of exported data. This would enhance data management and analysis post-submission.

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