July 8th 2024

How to invite team members to my workspace?

Greetings, OpnForm Community!

We're jazzed to share an exciting update that'll take your team collaboration to new heights! 🌈✨

Attention all Pro Plan subscribers: you now have the power to invite additional team members to your workspace. It's time to scale up your projects and harness the collective brilliance of your team! πŸ’‘

Here’s the scoop: for every new team member you add, there's a minimal monthly charge of $6. This ensures we continue to provide the stellar service you've come to expect. 🌟

Ready to expand your team and boost productivity? Dive into our Pricing Details to learn more and get started on inviting your team members today!

Don't wait – seize this opportunity to elevate your workspace and watch your projects flourish! 🌱

Ready to Invite Your Team?

Take the leap and invite your team members to join the Pro Plan now. It's time to unlock the full potential of your workspace and supercharge your collaboration!

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements. Your success is our mission! πŸš€

Help page article: How to invite users to my workspace?